Nobody’s ego likes a mystic.

You may be totally fine with mystics.  You may like them.  You may think they are cool and different.

But your ego will never rest easy around a mystic.  No ego has job security around a mystic: “If he doesn’t need an ego, then maybe I don’t either.”

Mystics don’t function normally.  They aren’t logical: rational, analytical thinking is not the way they operate.  Analysis has a subject and an object – things are separate.  For a mystic, everything is one.  The mind just can’t operate this way.

This world is dualistic.  You have to learn to not cosmically merge with busses.  The good parent in all of us wants to teach children just enough fear to protect themselves.  A good mystic is no longer afraid of anything – his lack of fear scares the bejeesus out of most people around him.  “If he’s not afraid, I had better be afraid for him.”  He knows that Spirit is always looking out for him, always making good decisions – so he doesn’t have to decide anything.

Doesn’t need to try, doesn’t need to plan, doesn’t need to review or second-guess or learn from his mistakes.  All of this drives the ego fuckin’ nuts.

Definitely does not need to shape his behavior to please anybody else.  “How can you run a business this way?” He knows that lots of people will disapprove of him: this may sometimes make him a little sad, he may sometimes feel a little lonely – but then he remembers that he actually is one with everything (“There is that”) and he doesn’t feel so lonely any more. Having some people disapprove of you is not a bad trade-off for feeling total peace, total freedom, total happiness.

Why is this supposed to evoke “Mystic”?  I dunno – ask Google.

“You’ve gotten too big for your job.  You don’t care about rules.  You aren’t impressed with organizational status or power.  You are totally free of norms.  You aren’t focused on ‘performance'” – whatever that is.  You may be actually doing a great job, but it sure doesn’t come from ‘trying’ – and trying and worrying and stressing are what really get rewarded around here. The whole concept of rewards doesn’t compute for you: ‘If I am totally content coming out of the starting gate, what is anybody going to add on top of that?'”

“You’re going to lose your job if you don’t rein it in.”

“I didn’t get here by compromising or reining anything in.  I have totally surrendered to Spirit.  You don’t 90% surrender to Spirit and 10% ‘keep your feet on the ground’.  You either totally surrender or you aren’t surrendering.  Do you really think that any job in the world would make it worthwhile to in any way tamper with this magical state?  Do you realize what a terrible deal that would be?  I will leave this job when Spirit wants me to leave it – not one day earlier or later.  Having the job or not having the job will in no way affect my wholeness, my integrity, my completeness.”

“People are going to go away from you.”

“I no longer pursue anybody.  The right people will come to me at the right time.  Most of the people who go away will be relationships that have been lacking in integrity for a long time.  The more integrity – wholeness, alignment – develops in me, the more bright is the light that shines on anything that is out of integrity.  Shedding – things, attitudes, beliefs, agendas, and yes people – is just part of how I operate.

“Along with attracting – the people who respond to my message, my vibration, my path, my teaching.  The right people will always come to me – my people.  I don’t have to manipulate or seduce or in any way try to get them to come with me.  If I get quiet and just ‘be’, they will be totally magnetized to me.  14 people signed up to ‘Follow’ my blog yesterday.  What did I do to draw them in?  Nothing that I know of.”

My “self” is totally gone.  As in the ego.  No self-respecting psychiatrist is going to like that.  And no one else’s ego – those are just going to instinctively attack.

Published by Majo

These days all of my identities are converging: whether I am offering a blessing in the grocery store checkout line, offering a prayer in a poem or experiencing the kinship with all life while walking my or a client's dog - it's all the same. It's all Life.

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