So much to learn from each other!

I wrote this last night to Amy Steinberg, new Jubilee minister and rock-funk goddess.  Then I realized I wanted to share it with more of y’all.

Amy escited laughing - wild hair
Amy Steinberg


I was walking through the Earth Fare cafe the other day, talking with a customer friend, when she said, “I think I have a lot to learn from you.” I didn’t miss a beat – it just popped out of my mouth so natural, totally without thinking or planning, “Everybody does.”

I stood back, a little shocked at myself (and yet really not). “What is happening to you?” But I really think it’s happening to all of us, some of us more consciously. We all have so much to learn from each other. I want to learn from you Amy – and from Elizabeth Likis

Elizabeth L
Elizabeth Likis: on your right, she is so not about herself – all of her Facebook pictures are with someone else.

and Amanda Levesque

amanda l
Amanda Levesque

and Brian Claflin Brian Cand everybody.

I want to learn from me. I want to learn from that inner voice, whispering things to me that I maybe never have quite thought out loud – but when they come out they look really familiar, like some part of me knew them all along.

I want to come home. I want to come home on Haywood St., jamming to “Infinite Soul Superhero” by Amy. I want to come home more every Sunday. I want all of you to be there when I come home.

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These days all of my identities are converging: whether I am offering a blessing in the grocery store checkout line, offering a prayer in a poem or experiencing the kinship with all life while walking my or a client's dog - it's all the same. It's all Life.

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