The current fantasy: Majo Productions – “Dancing with your friends”

Take that stuck life-kundalini energy that has been pooling in your lower chakras and move it up to your higher energy centers – where you can start to experience an Energetic Kundalini Connection (EKC).

Or, in another vernacular, “Get down, boogey-oogey-oogey! It’s fun! It will make you feel good! You will have a good time dancing with your friends”.pile-up

I have long been known in my circle of friends – and Facebook “friends” – for my gift and passion and genuine mission for getting people together and for throwing good parties…and lately especially dance parties.

People keep asking me, “When are you going to have another party?”  Well, now that I have let go of my day job and have time on my hands – and additional need for fun times with my friends – why not throw more parties?  Why not make a business out of it and make a little money off it, too? (Pay off those red-hot Ultimate Ear Bluetooth speakers.  Sorry, my wonderful DJ friends. I know there are things you could do better, but now – thanks to Pandora playlists and relatively cheap Bluetooth speakers, I am the stinking DJ.)

This caper is still in its early stages.  I first had the idea two days ago, and spent all of my walking/boogeying time yesterday feverishly creating Pandora playlists.

I seldom just walk down the street any more.  I don’t walk my dog – I dance my dog.  When I recently lost my iPhone headset, I didn’t miss a beat: I dropped my new little $40 Alan’s Pawn Shop Bluetooth speaker in my big, deep coat pocket and kept on dancing. That system is maybe slightly clumsier, but has the real advantage that other people on the street can hear the music I am jamming to – and even on occasion get down themselves.

It’s going to be a little tough when the weather turns warm and I don’t have that big pocket to drop my speaker in.  I probably will just go back to my boombox up on my shoulder.  It’s really a pretty great look – especially up on my roller skates, which make me a couple inches taller.  Don’t laugh, guys – the chicks (and some guys) are crazy about it.  girl with boombox

Venues are still in play: I have several on my shortlist (most of them in easy walking distance of my downtown apartment!). I’m especially targeting places that have a lot of space and (most of them) don’t usually offer bands or dancing.  Places that might welcome a once-a-month infusion of new people.  And would be happy to keep a poster in their window.

Time slots: I’m aiming for two or three evenings, weekday or weekend – and two day-time slots, one Friday afternoon (“start your weekend early”) and one Saturday morning.

Musical genre’s:

  • I definitely want 60’s dance music for the Friday afternoon venue – the music me and my little 8th-grade friends danced to after school in 1960 (and, ok, also in high school ’60-64 and college ’64-68 – literally the “Big Chill” class, they were my people too). Kids dancing together. PNG - JPG and vector EPS (infinitely scal
  • I have island music/reggae in mind for a Caribbean restaurant I want to target.
  • Other possibilities, according to the preferences of my friends (y’all) and venue proprietors: 70’s music, 80’s music, R&B “soul music“, funk – and just general awesome dance music of any genre. 
  • “EKC” music: energetic kundalini connection” – a mix of inspirational and/or metaphysical dance music (think Amy Steinberg and shit like that), steamy-sexy music and just red-hot dance songs.
  • If anybody really has a hard-on for country music and wants to push the idea real hard, they can just go ahead and bite me.

Dance with your friends!  This whole idea came out of my love for getting friends together and dancing with them.  Watch for my story about me and my 8th grade classmates escaping at 3 p.m. each day from the clutches of our evil nun Sr. Ignatius, gathering at the local soda shop, plugging some quarters in the juke box – and dancing away our stress and trauma.  This never actually happened, except in my fantasies – every night, as I did use it to melt away stress and move towards sleep.

But now this fabulous healing dancing with my friends does happen!  At Asheville Movement Collective and 5 Rhythms “ecstatic dances”, at my annual birthday party blow-outs in the beautiful penthouse Roof Garden downtown here at Battery Park Apartments.

And now – in this caper – on a bigger scale: more often, more friends, even more fun if that is possible.  Bring your friends!  Make new friends! Come out and dance frequently, so – like at Cheers – everyone will know your name!

old guys

$10 at the door.
Day-time all-ages dance parties: under 16 half-price, under 5 free.  (Maybe childcare at one venue I am going to approach.)
Buy a ten-dance card and save $5!

Suggest music to me: red-hot dance tracks, music that inspires you and makes you happy, songs that you love to dance to with your friends – or have always wanted to.  Leave a Comment here or email/text/or Facebook message, maybe sending the song to me directly from Spotify or Pandora.  (And maybe also to your Facebook friends – you can all start dancing to it early.)  Check out my playlists on Spotify (heymajo).
– 828-582-9822

Let me know if you want me to keep you on my list of people who are hot to hear about this fabulous real fantasy as it develops!

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These days all of my identities are converging: whether I am offering a blessing in the grocery store checkout line, offering a prayer in a poem or experiencing the kinship with all life while walking my or a client's dog - it's all the same. It's all Life.

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