Being with Majo

Congratulations on opening this page!

You have taken a first step towards opening yourself to a new life. Regardless of whether you ever choose to take advantage of any of the services offered on this page, this is a genuine step towards being with yourself more fully. You probably never can go fully back.

“Being with Majo” (A.k.a. Dr. John Madden, a.k.a. Dr. Footloose) is actually code for being with yourself. If you had an experience with something that Majo said to you or wrote that stirred you to look at this page, that was probably because some part of your life had been stirred.

At his best, Majo pretty much gets himself out of the way – and what comes through him is coming from the world of Spirit. So you got a call from the world of Spirit – which is nothing else than who you actually are.

You have gotten and answered those calls before. They are probably coming to you more strongly and more insistently these days. Answering those calls in this moment may or may not involve some form of “being with Majo”. He is just a guy – someone that Life put in your path to bump you in a useful direction.

At this point you can either set Majo aside and just keep on moving, following the calls of your own soul – or you may explore the idea of letting Majo play a part in your next steps.

“Being with Majo” usually starts with a two-hour session – though you can choose to make that session shorter. It’s possible that after five minutes of sitting or standing with Majo, you will have gotten what you needed. “Thanks Majo, have a great day!“ And off you go!

Unless it’s particularly cold outside, “sessions“ with Majo usually take place outdoors – virus or no virus. That could happen in a sidewalk café or bar, walking in your neighborhood, sitting in your backyard or on a forest path or on a mountaintop. (Majo especially recommends sessions in the western North Carolina Blue Ridge Mountains, especially around Burnsville or Bakersville.)

All of your sessions with Majo will especially revolve around you tuning into the subtle promptings from your soul. After months of searching to find a place where his phone receives even one bar of signal in the North country, module likes to talk about getting a “signal from God“ or from nature – which is to him essentially the same as saying God.

(More content to come about what might go on in a session – but in short there is absolutely no predicting and it all comes from you with maybe a little coaching or support from Majo.)

All of Majo’s sessions are offered on a “love offering” basis. Immediately or shortly after the session, you drop him a “tip“ of something that you can afford and that feels right to you – based on the value you experienced in the session.

Some of the people with whom Majo spends time “being” have deep pockets – and basically subsidize people who live in hot unless income.

Some people express their gratitude for the session with home-cooked food, flowers from their garden, time spent helping Majo in his garden and other things.

Each of these sessions gives Majo an equal chance to fully “Be” – and he doesn’t consider them to be actually work at all. And he makes pretty good money with other consulting and teaching activities.

For more details on Majo’s background, you can go to

Or read his personal blog: “Waking Up“, – or his blog describing his four years working as a cashier in a healthy grocery store (Earth Fare, which was for 45 years a much beloved supermarket chain in the Southeast), “Real life in the checkout line: helping life happen in a grocery store”,

Published by Majo

These days all of my identities are converging: whether I am offering a blessing in the grocery store checkout line, offering a prayer in a poem or experiencing the kinship with all life while walking my or a client's dog - it's all the same. It's all Life.

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