The Ferocious Body weekly gathering – Thursdays, 6:30-8 p.m.

Every Thursday – 6:30-8:30 p.m., optional 30 minutes before and after, Battery Park Apt’s.

fungi 5
Fungi – mushrooms – have really going on about how to be fully alive.  Come, let’s make like mushrooms together!

Trust that we won’t always just be having verbal conversations.  Sometimes we will practice hugging or other kinds of touch that should not freak anybody out.  Sometimes just with our eyes.  Pretty much every week we will dance, i.e. move some part(s) of your body any way they want to move.

I’m Majo and I will be facilitating this weekly gathering.  The story of how I got here is told in my “Waking up” blog.  You will see there that the style of my “waking up” is not what we usually picture as “spiritual”.

The title of the book I am working on is Reclaiming the Body: Sex and Power for a New Age.  These two areas – in which I have never in my life had any particular expertise – are now my turf.  I have been assigned them by Spirit – to learn everything I possibly can about them, to explore the whole spectrum…and now to teach about them.

I think you will find the blog and these weekly community gatherings provocative, fresh, eye-opening and body-opening.  

The gathering itself – 6:30-8 – is all you are required to attend.  But I very enthusiastically encourage you to be here for the “optional” 30 minutes before and after – you may find that half-hour the most powerful, fun, educational, fulfilling part of the evening.

6-6:30 p.m. – optional

  • experiment with hugs – physically settle in to the space. Hugs not required. In the blog page I have linked to here, I explain that real goal is to connect richly with others – and with our own bodies. So it’s great, maybe desirable, to experiment with other ways to touch each other – from shaking or holding hands to rubbing noses or bumping butts.
  • touch base, catch up – verbally/emotionally/socially settle in to the space
  • get used to and enjoy the beautiful penthouse room
  • savor the balconies and the 13th floor views of the city and the mountains to the west

6:30 – gathering starts right on time.
penthouse door is closed for five minutes or more

Below is one format for the gathering.  Particular evenings may be very different than this.  Maybe we will have a little workshop: do interpersonal experiments all evening.  Maybe we will have a big dance party (no, not maybe – count on it).

  • Dance – 15 minutes
    • be fully in your body
    • “How does my body want to move to this music?”
    • stay with your own dance just as much as you need
    • optional: “How does my body want to move with this person?”
  • Silence – five minutes or more
    • go into your highest state of consciousness (if you’ve got one :)) — or
    • just let yourself be quiet
    • breathe
    • settle into your chair
    • just be present – be, it’s very freeing
    • go to your inner Garden (Majo will each week suggest possibilities for this)
    • if you really need to, allow yourself to jot notes.
  • Majo talks
    • about whatever Spirit is wanting me to say
    • I  thought about putting a topic out in advance, but actually
    • I am most often not going to have any advance topic or prepared notes
      • I will find out what I am going to say when I hear the words coming out of my mouth.
  • Q&A – dialogue – spiritual conversation
    • I’m hesitating to put time frames on the talk or the Q&A – it’s unpredictable.
    • the dialogue will usually be longer – or much longer – than the talk
    • I will always end the dialogue by 7:50, so you can leave by 8
  • 7:55 – wrap up
    • tips for goodbyes
    • tips for hugs
  • 8 – Gathering ends
  • 8-8:30 – optional
    • optional goodbyes
    • optional hugs.
fungi 6
Want a spiritual experience?  See or watch the movie Fantastic Fungi.

Questions about what you have read here?

  • Put them in a Reply after this post
    • this is the best option for dialogue – others may have the same question you have
      • or discover that they have it when they hear you say it
  • Or contact me – see info below.

Love offering basis

In the beautiful Roof Garden penthouse of the Battery Park Apartments
1 Battle Square, directly out the north entrance to the Grove Arcade
parking on the street (no meter fees after 6 p.m.), or in Rankin and Wall St. lots
– if you can’t find a spot in these places  in these places – or don’t want to pay a parking fee – don’t just keep crawling around looking – if you don’t have mobility issues, you can park behind the Visitor Center on Montford – a pleasant 10″ walk
The front door to the building is always locked.  We will have a greeter just inside the door to let you in from 5:55-6:25.  Before or after that time, you can try to act not-shifty and ask some resident to let you in.  Often they will.  But it’s easier to just get here on time.

laughing with Pancho outside Trade and Lore
My first title for this wonderful weekly event was “Satsang on Embodiment with Majo”!  Whew – wow!  That’s deep! Oh, Lord – the ego dies hard.  It’s to laugh! (See the little dog on my lap.)



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