Telling ourselves an empowering story

For the last six months, I have been telling myself a story of “waking up”.  On June 26th – after a very difficult year and finally just bottoming out and truly giving up hope for my life, something snapped: I saw clearly all the lack of integrity that had slipped into my life and madeContinue reading “Telling ourselves an empowering story”

Your Fearless Body weekly gathering – Thursdays, 6:30-8 p.m.

Every Thursday – 6:30-8:00 p.m., optional 30 minutes before and after. Trust that we won’t always just be having verbal conversations.  Sometimes we will practice hugging or other kinds of touch that should not freak anybody out.  Sometimes just with our eyes.  Pretty much every week we will dance, i.e. move some part(s) of yourContinue reading “Your Fearless Body weekly gathering – Thursdays, 6:30-8 p.m.”

“Whaddya think Panchita? Caffeine high?”

Pancho and I are driving north on Kimberly Avenue, my favorite alternative route to North Asheville.  (Let’s face it – Merrimon Avenue is a big pain in the ass, right?). Sitting in the driver’s seat, I am completely rocking out to our new Jubilee minister Amy Steinberg‘s Simplistic Logistics of Existence – which is aContinue reading ““Whaddya think Panchita? Caffeine high?””

Practice: A great way to start the day

1) Thank the past – all the great stuff that my unconscious was chewing on during the night. “May you, dear unconscious, find just the right way to bring these goodies across into my waking life!” 2) Experience the present.  Feel your body in the present moment.  Notice what you notice: what parts of yourContinue reading “Practice: A great way to start the day”

On Being an Asshole

Krista Tippett. hosts a weekly interview program on public radio called “On Being”, in which she hosts all kinds of spiritually or philosophically of psychologically “deep” people – people who the Asheville tribe who regularly listen to this show might describe as “very evolved souls”, or some shit like that.  Ms. Tippett herself is obviouslyContinue reading “On Being an Asshole”

“Imagine my surprise…”

On November 3rd, Amy Steinberg – our wonderful-dynamic-exciting-musically-rocking new Jubilee minister, who we all knew before we interviewed her was a prominent lesbian leader back in California – was speaking from the pulpit on a Sunday. I do think it was in a moment of happy, enthused spontaneity rather than from a prepared script, thatContinue reading ““Imagine my surprise…””

Kazoos and bamboozlement

Today Cathryn Davis, amazing and charismatic long-distance Jubilee Minister of Movement, gave a fabulous guest sermon and told us how, at their social justice actions in Charleston, they all have kazoos – and when they are being heckled from the side with someone who is preaching against abortion or of the elegant beauty of MAGAmindContinue reading “Kazoos and bamboozlement”