Asheville – a total jewel, right in the here-and-now.

I live in downtown Asheville.  Every day, I walk my cute little chihuahua Panchita all around downtown.  Everywhere we go, people get happy as soon as they see little Panchita: she’s cute, she’s sweet – but you know what, she’s not really a super-beautiful dog.  People fawn all over my dog everywhere we go –Continue reading “Asheville – a total jewel, right in the here-and-now.”

The current fantasy: Majo Productions – “Dancing with your friends”

Take that stuck life-kundalini energy that has been pooling in your lower chakras and move it up to your higher energy centers – where you can start to experience an Energetic Kundalini Connection (EKC). Or, in another vernacular, “Get down, boogey-oogey-oogey! It’s fun! It will make you feel good! You will have a good timeContinue reading “The current fantasy: Majo Productions – “Dancing with your friends””

When my energy body turns down (Saturday, 12/28)

What do I do when my energy body which for six months was mostly pure light turns suddenly but then also progressively to mostly lead? This is the predicament I seem to find myself in. During the first week after my precipitous energy downturn 17 days ago, it looked like it was going to beContinue reading “When my energy body turns down (Saturday, 12/28)”

Thursday evening group temporarily discontinued

It seems totally realistic and maybe personally crucial for me to not think of my current energy downturn as “depression” – but to understand it purely on an energy level. I have always had strong energy swings and that will probably always be part of my package. But this current energy downturn, which started aboutContinue reading “Thursday evening group temporarily discontinued”

Madeleine – so astonishing! So what?!

I was available for an amazing encounter this afternoon at Earth Fare. Since my energy “turned down” a week ago today, I have been hanging out in my lower chakras more.  My previous six months of fabulous, thrilling high energy were more about inspiration, joy and personal power (including managing my boundaries and learning aboutContinue reading “Madeleine – so astonishing! So what?!”

“I’m glad that 30 years is over.”

There were so many ways that hour could have gone badly.  By rights, it should have been a disaster. The psychiatry profession fucked me badly for 30 years – there’s just no other honest way to tell it.  They conned me into believing I had a mental illness and then kept me drugged for 30Continue reading ““I’m glad that 30 years is over.””

Telling ourselves an empowering story

For the last six months, I have been telling myself a story of “waking up”.  On June 26th – after a very difficult year and finally just bottoming out and truly giving up hope for my life, something snapped: I saw clearly all the lack of integrity that had slipped into my life and madeContinue reading “Telling ourselves an empowering story”

“Whaddya think Panchita? Caffeine high?”

Pancho and I are driving north on Kimberly Avenue, my favorite alternative route to North Asheville.  (Let’s face it – Merrimon Avenue is a big pain in the ass, right?). Sitting in the driver’s seat, I am completely rocking out to our new Jubilee minister Amy Steinberg‘s Simplistic Logistics of Existence – which is aContinue reading ““Whaddya think Panchita? Caffeine high?””