30 Years – Recovering from mental illness.

Actually, that is “recovering from having been labeled mentally ill”. Back in my early 20’s, I got deeply involved in something called “Reevaluation Counseling” – a peer-counseling movement with a big emphasis on “emotional discharge”, big physical/emotional release of feelings in deep crying and sobbing, screaming, pounding, etc.  I reclaimed my ability to feel andContinue reading “30 Years – Recovering from mental illness.”

Becoming a sexual hero

This is not a path of transcendence.  We are not walking the high road.  We are learning how to protect ourselves from “light-chasers” – people who are so identified with being “conscious”.  This word has been so corrupted – in the common Asheville parlance, it truly does not mean fully conscious, it means that IContinue reading “Becoming a sexual hero”

The Merry Pranksters Family weekly gathering – Thursdays, 6:30-8 p.m.

Every Thursday – 6:30-8:00 p.m., optional 30 minutes before and after. Trust that we won’t always just be having verbal conversations.  Sometimes we will practice hugging or other kinds of touch that should not freak anybody out.  Sometimes just with our eyes.  Pretty much every week we will dance, i.e. move some part(s) of yourContinue reading “The Merry Pranksters Family weekly gathering – Thursdays, 6:30-8 p.m.”

Forgiving 30 years of heartache in two days

How do you forgive the rage you got in touch with in the last two days – over 30 years of heartache – through a four-minute song about forgiving yourself?  I dunno, I can’t figure it out – ask Jesse Powers, tonight (Sunday, 11/10) at the Jubilee Mystic Cafe (7-9 p.m. at 46 Wall St.),Continue reading “Forgiving 30 years of heartache in two days”

Reclaiming the body: sex and aggression for a new age.

We as a society – and as people of conscience and kindness – are reeling from the exposures of predatory and violent sexuality, and from the hatred of the other that are rampant in our society and are cascading down from the top levels of power, starting with a toxic, evil president – a creatureContinue reading “Reclaiming the body: sex and aggression for a new age.”

3 prongs for this blog

“Waking up” (“spiritual emergence”) is the true goal of human life. “We are here to overcome the illusion of our separation.” (Thich Nhat Hanh)This “waking up” process can – and usually does – happen very gradually over time.  Sometimes – and more often now than in the past – it happens very suddenly, with aContinue reading “3 prongs for this blog”

I’ll shoot the motherfucker!

If someone is about to kill my child – even my now 45-year-old child – and I have a gun, I will shoot the motherfucker dead. Without hesitation: in a heartbeat, without doubt, without regret, without guilt. No trauma, no nightmares. Now, having established for myself that I’m capable of this level of violence –Continue reading “I’ll shoot the motherfucker!”