“Imagine my surprise…”

On November 3rd, Amy Steinberg – our wonderful-dynamic-exciting-musically-rocking new Jubilee minister, who we all knew before we interviewed her was a prominent lesbian leader back in California – was speaking from the pulpit on a Sunday. I do think it was in a moment of happy, enthused spontaneity rather than from a prepared script, thatContinue reading ““Imagine my surprise…””

Kazoos and bamboozlement

Today Cathryn Davis, amazing and charismatic long-distance Jubilee Minister of Movement, gave a fabulous guest sermon and told us how, at their social justice actions in Charleston, they all have kazoos – and when they are being heckled from the side with someone who is preaching against abortion or of the elegant beauty of MAGAmindContinue reading “Kazoos and bamboozlement”

“Grounding like a lily pad…”

A couple of months ago, earlier in my process of getting used to being a mystic, I took some real satisfaction from trying to reassure people that I wasn’t manic by telling them how I was employing an ancient Tibetan meditation technique – which in Tibet they call “Grounding like a motherfucker.” I would proceedContinue reading ““Grounding like a lily pad…””

Some words are just so motherfucking beautiful!

It is just plain impossible to miss the linguistic expressiveness and versatility and value of the word “motherfucker” if you are at all in touch with the street language of black America.  The tragedy is that most of us white people really have become that separated from our black brothers and sisters – really doContinue reading “Some words are just so motherfucking beautiful!”

I’m an “Infinite Soul Superhero”!

Sometimes I have little imaginary conversations in my head, for no reason that I quite understand.  This afternoon, as I was dancing down Haywood St. downtown, I pictured my good buddy Steve Swearingen asking me at church tomorrow how I’m doing.  In this little imaginary conversation, I say to him, “I’m living in a stateContinue reading “I’m an “Infinite Soul Superhero”!”

I never sang for my father: I feel everything!

I had been married about two years.  My wife and I were sitting near the back of a darkened theater, watching the 1970 movie “I Never Sang for My Father”.  The movie explored the relationship between a man just a little older than my 23 years with his aging father, who haunted his here-and-now romanticContinue reading “I never sang for my father: I feel everything!”

Living in the world of Spirit

For over 30 years now, the shrinks and even some of my psychotherapists have been telling me that my “up” moods are “mania” and my “down” moods are “depression” – both equally toxic and pathological, both “symptoms” of a “disease” that they called “bipolar disorder”.  When they put that name on me, they thought theyContinue reading “Living in the world of Spirit”