Spiritual Emergence Support Group – Mondays, 6-7 p.m.

All of us are in some stage of “spiritual emergence” – the deeper, truer self is somewhere in the process of waking up or attempting to push its way through into our consciousness and then our life. When this process is on track, Stanislav Grof calls it “spiritual emergence”.  However, this process is so poorlyContinue reading “Spiritual Emergence Support Group – Mondays, 6-7 p.m.”

More connection=more erections=more aliveness

The kundalini yoga people – and especially the worshippers of the sacred tantra – have it exactly right: men do better – are more alive in general – if their dick is hard just as much as possible and if – when your dick is not actually hard – you have an erection just underContinue reading “More connection=more erections=more aliveness”

“Leaving out” the nuclear option

I’m pretty determined to wean myself off all my psych meds – and my fairly holistic, progressive PA “psychiatrist” is willing to work with me on doing this in a gradual-enough manner. At our monthly meeting two weeks ago, I told Janet that I wanted to reduce my Lithium one more time.  I have aContinue reading ““Leaving out” the nuclear option”

Physical beauty – a validation to “leave out”?

I preach and teach “validation” as one of the key constructive acts we can practice as cashiers. It is one of the three points of my self-created job description: have as much fun as I possibly can help my customers have as much fun as they possibly can, and validate my customers – say somethingContinue reading “Physical beauty – a validation to “leave out”?”

Willingness to be an asshole – the great freedom

Any quality left in isolation tends to devolve into tyranny.  Life is made of dynamic tension, of diverse forces influencing each other – of a dialectical process.   When I worked for four years as an organizational consultant at AT&T, teams I would consult to often made the mistake of saying to their external customer someContinue reading “Willingness to be an asshole – the great freedom”