Me, Diana and the motherfucker

Last week, my very close friend – my “soul friend” – Diana described to me a very scary experience she had had earlier that week. “I was sitting out in front of Battery Park, by myself (she is frequently joined by various of her many friends – smoking and non-smoking), smoking my cigarettes – andContinue reading “Me, Diana and the motherfucker”

Diana and the Pranksters

My buddy and long-time Jubilant John Clabaugh is in love with my Battery Park neighbor and “soul friend” Diana Buchanan – for good reason. Disguised in her overalls, her big hot toboggan hat, and her chain smoking out in front of our building, I have discovered – after initially wanting only to avoid her –Continue reading “Diana and the Pranksters”

“Leave it out”: Wrestling the physician

Dr. David Clements at Carolina Internal Medicine – my primary doc for the whole 15 years I have been in Asheville – is a really fine doctor.  He gives you all his focus when he is with you – though it is hard to ignore that his clock is running.  He is a good listener,Continue reading ““Leave it out”: Wrestling the physician”

My first disciple! Yeah, baby!!

John Clabaugh was the perfect successor to another good male friend with whom I recently (post-waking-up) had a very major falling out.  I had, over many recent months, gotten very tight with that other guy – spent a lot of time with him, 2-3 times per weekend – and ending our connection quite abruptly leftContinue reading “My first disciple! Yeah, baby!!”

The great Majo throw-down – a different blog?

One thing that has confused – even, at times, concerned me – about my “waking up” process is that I am turning up not like Thich Nhat Hanh (my old spiritual teacher and still a big hero) or the Dalais Lamas, but more like Fritz Perls (who was very awake, but may not have beenContinue reading “The great Majo throw-down – a different blog?”