“Leaving out” full-on combat with the paternalistic physician

It was the second time that Carolina Internal Medicine had shunted me to Dr. ____when my 15-year, much-trusted primary doc David Clements was not available.  The first time went terribly. And the second time this ____ guy totally pissed me off.  He is such a terrible listener and so attached to being alpha. An even-somewhat-empoweredContinue reading ““Leaving out” full-on combat with the paternalistic physician”

“Don’t cry over spilled groceries!”

UNREASONABLE HAPPINESS One of my favorite Earth Fare stories involves (very peripherally) me (an Earth Fare cashier), sitting on the curb around the side of the building past the Green Sage restaurant – having my lunch. Two young Asian (best as I can tell) women come walking from the grocery store, across the parking lot,Continue reading ““Don’t cry over spilled groceries!””

This sick old guy walks into a church

(Written Sunday, 10/20) OK, I genuinely am pretty sick today. My nose is running, my head is in cotton, I am coughing and sneezing and I am weak overall. Even before I got this sick, I agreed with some Jubilee Facebook friends last night that I should not attend either Jubilee service today, but insteadContinue reading “This sick old guy walks into a church”

Diana and her Pranksters get wild!

(Even more wild than usual, though we are definitely trending in this direction)  John Clabaugh and Diana Buchanan and I get together almost every morning. We call ourselves “Diana and the Merry Pranksters”. We were together this morning, when John – who is a certifiable wild man and inspires Diana and I to greater wildnessContinue reading “Diana and her Pranksters get wild!”

“Non-violent speech” – well, I blew that!

I have slandered someone’s good name on the Internet.  “I’m so sorry, Dr.___!”  “I’m so sorry, Thay!” I was so pissed-off at this fucking doctor that I convinced myself I had a right to name him (instead of “this doctor”) when I bitched about my medical care on the Internet.  “Hey, other people need toContinue reading ““Non-violent speech” – well, I blew that!”

A radical reorganization of my relationship with rest

Many of the learnings from “waking up” come all in a flash – but many others unfurl gradually, progressively over time. Even a relatively good learner can learn only so much at a time. Waking up opened up to me a whole new world of insight, awareness and clear vision. But – even with theContinue reading “A radical reorganization of my relationship with rest”

My mystic role #1: The Avenging Angel

(to see all posts about “My Mystic Role”, scroll to the bottom of the page and enter “My Mystic Role” in the Search box, then click on the Search button.) About a month after my Integrity Day on June 26, when I was pretty much immersed in learning to walk my new woke-up walk, aContinue reading “My mystic role #1: The Avenging Angel”

How to drive a paternalistic physician crazy…

It had been a difficult second encounter with Dr. ___, my primary doctor’s associate – much as the first time he had been Dr. Clement’s substitute. But the exchange that I’m pretty sure really popped his cork – and I knew he would have to ask the question and expected he would take my answerContinue reading “How to drive a paternalistic physician crazy…”