Diana, the Queen of “Waking up”

Diana Buchanan is the Queen of the practice developing around the “Waking up” material – the spiritual heart, the altar of our work.

Mona Lisa
This beatific smile captures Diana’s deep stance of blessing and affirming other people.

Diana brings with her an amazing depth of human experience.  From her many years of living on the streets, she brings depth, compassion, patience – and an understanding for how sometimes surviving is enough – and something to be proud of.  She has been a happy camper at Battery Park Apartments for ten years now, three years of that with her husband __ – and then living by herself since he died seven years ago.  She has seen family heartache that I would not want you to even hear about, much less develop images around.

Through all of that, Diana has emerged amazingly deep, sensitive and compassionate, a world-class listener – and a feet-on-the-ground, earthy, real, humble, gentle, affectionate, funny cheerleader and coach.  She is the Oracle of Asheville.  Come visit her at her temple in front of Battery Park Apartments – where she hangs out with her other smoker friends, who seek out her company and tend to adore her.

Being female,  an indigenous person from Mexico, and a 40 year survivor of the mental health system, she has special insights into diversity, women’s issues, and the life of immigrants or any people who tend to be regarded as outsiders or “the Other” – especially in the face of the hatred and fear of others in our current politics and society.

She will probably offer you a cigarette (which you might find a nice treat and a great way to connect with her on a very human level) or continue to smoke if you don’t mind it – or set the smokes aside for a little bit if that would make you more comfortable.  Diana and Pancho - regal - 9-24-19

She is always glad to chat with people for free.  But she gets by each month on a very relatively small Social Security check, $15 in food stamps, and little side jobs like doing other residents’ laundry and dog-sitting for Majo’s Panchita (who adores her – and vice-versa – a big comfort when I have to go somewhere that her little canine wonderfulness is not welcome.)

She is amazingly generous with her little bit of money at the beginning of the month and then lives on beans and rice at the end of month.  So if she says something to you that especially touches you, or if being around her just feels good and you want more of it, or if you want to consult with her about some particular topic, she will gladly accept love offerings for her time, love and wisdom.

with diana
Diana with my five-pound yorkiepoo Toni (RIP 10/1/18).  If possible, those two loved each other than Diana and Panchita do.  Read about our “ersatz family: Diana and I not a couple, but co-parents of Toni – who always brought us together – in my story “Soul Friends”.

Her email address is mrsdbuchanan@gmail.com. 


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